For a low monthly fee, gain access to the full set of tools available at The Ion Prototyping Lab to remove the latency of external fabrication services. Optimize your time per iteration while lowering your capital investment as you bring your product or design to life. Advanced membership plans include access to our expanded off-site equipment

Contract ideation, engineering, and fabrication services are available for innovators and designers alike. In the IPL, you work with an experienced team that is excited to guide you through materials and techniques, ensuring low-cost solutions within your project needs.

The skills required for innovation and prototyping are vastly different than those needed in most other industries. The Ion Prototyping Lab offers focused training to ensure you or your staff have the hands-on skills needed to engage in building new and unique products in a format tailored for those with limited time.

Being innovative starts with having the right relationships and capabilities. When you join our network of corporations, startups, and entrepreneurs, you link arms with those who have already mastered making innovation part of their process.